By the end of the 1800s, Como and its lake have become very fashionable.
Piazza Cavour, where our hotel is situated, is redesigned and made more elegant; it is only accessible on foot or by horse-drawn carts.

In a short time, Como becomes the ‘in’ holiday destination for the upper middle class from Milan. 
In 1893, the inn (osteria) next to the renowned Caffè Cavour converted into a Trattoria with accommodation called the Barchetta, owned by Pasquale Zaffaroni.
In 1956, it was time to restructure: a large archway now sustained the new building of the Barchetta, that was to be upgraded to the Hotel Excelsior shortly afterwards. Today, as in the past, the Hotel is right at the centre of urban life, stretching along Piazza Cavour.